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☆*:.。.☆About Me☆.。.:*☆

:bulletorange:Name: Daisy/Sherry

:bulletyellow:Age: 25.

:bulletyellow:Status: Taken (1 year since Oct 9 💘)

:bulletyellow:Occupation: Artist

:bulletorange:Species: Gangstar Pirate

:bulletorange:INFP (Mediator) ★

:bulletyellow:Survival Horror enthusiast.


I am a long time gamer who has a particular passion and obsession for oldschool Survival Horror. It’s the most important genre to me and honestly might be the most important thing to me period aside from the obvious friends and family thing. To better elaborate my stance on survival horror and where I stand as a fan, I’m more partial to oldschool survival horror styled games. I don’t necessarily limit myself only to survival horror games made a long time ago but also any modern games that have the same values and focus as those too. (To better explain what exactly I mean by oldschool survival horror, I mean games like the Resident Evil series BEFORE RE4 or games like Haunting Ground, Fatal Frame, Illbleed etc. Resident Evil REmake is my favorite video game of all time and I argue that it is the best survival horror game of all time. (Not to imply I’ll try and force you to agree. As long as you don’t try and say RE4 or something) My username is a Resident Evil 2 reference. I enjoy trying and discovering game series that I had missed as a kid/teen growing up. I’m also a part of the little known Illbleed cult.

Eyeshield 21 is my favorite manga. Followed by Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kuroshitsuji, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Berserk. Favorite animes are Yu-Gi-Oh!, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hunter x Hunter, Berserk, and Ergo Proxy. MyAnimeList lists the others. I'm basically a big shounen fan. I also like DC comic animations and some Marvel animations. Favorites being Batman in general, Static Shock, Teen Titans, Xmen Evolution, Young Justice, etc. Also really like South Park and Rick and Morty.

Commissions: I'm always going back and forth on my commission prices....but I think the minimum amount I tend to go for on average is $10. Unless of course I'm asked for a simple maybe messy sketch. Then I'll maybe accept $5 for that.


It's crazy how often I don't update this. Also it's crazy how often I probably say something similar to that anytime I do add an entry. So anyway as per usual I will continue to make anatomy flawed art and deliver it to all of you half heatedly. Something I've very much taken a liking to is making more detailed hair. Trying more so to separate individual stands and such to make it look more busy. And also as usual I cannot settle on a single art style. I whatever but I'm sure to always draw bad hands unless I use a reference. And thick eyelashes.
Different but the same by VooDooDollMaster
All the same. Yet different.

I feel like I draw myself a bit too much but it's mainly because I just I just like having an excuse to draw nautical themed work and that's my actual clothing style. Before I got my nautical fix by drawing Daisy, my OC. But since I don't use my blog for AC much anymore I find myself not drawing my AC characters as much anyway. I still very much cherish them.

So anyway I dunno if I'll actually make any attempts to improve my art by actually studying and making stronger efforts to improve. I actually purchased SH Figuarts Body-Kun and Body-Chan with the intention to improve art. I have used them as a reference a few times already. They're basically base anime figures that are poseable and are better for art study than say the traditional wooden doll that I'm sure most of you have seen. They give you a vague general idea of human shape but that's kinda it.

Art aside, I've been very much into My Hero Academia. My favorite character is Shinsou Hitoshi. I find it a very enjoyable shounen series. Playing things by the books but I like shounen so it hits the marks well enough. I feel like Shinsou is a very well done character and I like that he COULD have been a throw away character but they clearly keep hyping him up as someone who will actually play a larger role. Which is nice because characters like him usually just get backburner...ed. I'm excited for season 2. Also I recently became a Eustass Kid fan. He's amazing.

I've been very much into anime figure collecting and more intensely maintaining my MyFigureCollection account. Which works out because anxiety makes it harder for me to play video games like I used to. I just can't sit down and focus. So instead of wasting money on games that I'm too anxious to focus and play, better to buy figures that I don't need to play and can at least display. I say that as if I'm not still buying games in the meantime. But anyway I've been enjoying the hobby very much. I even have a on going blog for figure collecting on MFC.

So far the only games I am interested in are South Park Fractured But Whole, Resident Evil 2 remake (Only if it turns out faithful), RE7 (Depending on how it turns out) ummm Zelda Breath Of The Wild because I'm just so excited to play something on my dying Wii U, the Berserk Musou game, Sea Of Thieves, and.... Yooka Laylee, The Friday The 13th Game depending on how it turns out, and that's all I can think of atm. I'm sure there will be some old game that pops up on my radar that I'll pick up here and there.

Aside that, for IRL, me and my BF have been doing well and we'd like to think we'll live together before the year ends MAYBE. Which would be nice and interesting to have a different environment. My environment has been the same for like 20 years since I was like 5. Having my close friend live with us as a room mate would be great too but we have no idea what the plan is for that just yet.

I'm going to be going to Treasure Coast Pirate Fest Feb 3 - 5. I dunno if I'll go all 3 days but I'll be aiming at least 2 out of 3. Should be fun. I've always wanted to go to one. I mean as a kid I liked Renaissance fairs but this appeals to me 10x more.

Anyway I guess that's all I have to say. As usual I'm always on Tumblr, Skype: AkagamiShanksu, and MyFigureCollection.



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