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Hey guys, it's your favorite obscure artist who still at age 24 REFUSES to study anatomy for even a single day. How's it going. I always neglect deviantart so much and then occasionally pop up and then make a journal entry about how I neglect facebook. I'm just keeping up the tradition. But anyway, I notice I always get a few followers here and there so thanks for liking my scribbles. Not sure why you do but hm.

So as usual, I am still slacking on art. And also everything else. But I have played some games. Yoshi's Woolly World. It's not Yoshi's Story 2 but if you like Yoshi's Island you're in for a treat, the game doesn't disappoint. And Fatal Frame 5. I'll be honest, not the greatest. Fixed camera is gone and is replaced by your typical behind the back camera, of course while being uncomfortably close to your characters back unless you are having your character run then it zooms out a bit to something less suffocating. Controls feel annoying and frustrating sometimes. As one person described it it's like...being in mud? But anyway. The game can be a tiny bit hand holdy at times when you really don't fucking need it (You just started a chapter, you're in a room, you don't even get the chance to control your character before you're prompted with "I should check the couch" even though you can already see the giant glowing item anyway but hey, maybe that's just not enough for our audience who is supposed to be about age 17 and over) and don't even get me started on the episodic bullshit.

Btw I recently got into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and I binged so hard that I exhausted myself. Favorite arc so far is 5. Put part 6 on hold. Can't wait for Part 4 anime holy shit. If they animate part 5 I'll die. And btw yes, wow, did you see how badly we got jipped on the official Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency DVD release. What the fuck were you guys thinking. But in good news Hunter x Hunter 2011 is getting a dub but more importantly an official DVD and Blu Ray release. One of the few over 100+ episodes I will buy completely.

Btw I got a boyfriend now. Anyway other things I've recently tried, Trigun (Currently on hold, I'm halfway through), One Punch Man (Anime. As an Eyeshield 21 fan it's a bittersweet experience to see how nice this anime looks and remember how badly Eyeshield 21 was. You think I forgot? Fuck you, where is my OVA), and to my tormet, I started Until Dawn and it's amazing and way better than I thought it'd be but unfortunately I was playing at a friends and I can only keep playing it when I'm hanging with them.

Wow I completely forgot I got Metal Gear Rising. Where the fuck did I put it. I haven't started yet. I've been too busy sitting in bed watching h3h3 videos.

Oh and yeah the Resident Evil 2 remake announcement is cool but let's see how it actually turns out.



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I'm an artist. This is my own personal art site~

Commissions: I'm always going back and forth on my commission prices....but I think the minimum amount I tend to go for on average is $10. Unless of course I'm asked for a simple maybe messy sketch. Then I'll maybe accept $5 for that.

Ask me directly

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